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Unusual and bizarre wedding themes

When it comes to accessorizing for your big day, it really is a personal choice and your decisions should be based on your individuality as a couple along with your venue, dress choice and overall colour theme. All this said, there are very few brides out there who opt for a simple and classic wedding theme. In fact, the upward trend in unusual and bizarre wedding themes grows year upon year….

Now, your idea of a weird wedding theme may be someone else's idea of sheer perfection, so in advance, may I state that what I call weird is purely my opinion and I apologise if anyone is offended by these opinions!

Last year, I read about a 'duck' themed wedding. The bride was quite literally obsessed with all forms of water fowl and wanted this to be very much reflected in her wedding theme. So much so, that the event itself was undertaken in a marquee erected on parkland and next to a lake. This lake was - of course - frequented by all sorts of ducks and birds! Invitations with small mallard motifs were sent out to the guests and each envelope was stuffed with soft feathers. The male entourage adorned purple, green and orange waistcoats which had been hand-made to replicate 'plumage'! The bridesmaids were dressed in pretty cream dresses and 'wings' were pinned to their backs. They were carrying swan shaped baskets full of feathers to be used instead of confetti. At each place setting, duck shaped placecard holders contained duck-themed cards, napkins were tied with duck print ribbon and favours were acrylic swan shaped plastic boxes filled with chocolate 'eggs'. Bet you can't guess what the guests had to eat!? Don't worry, a delicious dish of beef was served. Phew!

Even more bizarre that the duck themed wedding, was the toy/game-themed wedding that I heard about. The couple actually met whilst working in a toy store together and a toy themed wedding was an obvious choice for them. The couple married in a Disney style castle and her entourage were dressed like the seven dwarfs!

Each place setting was set with a toy gift for each guest and these varied from skipping ropes to wooden trains, story books to yo-yos.

Each table was also set with board games for guests to enjoy during the meal. Although this sounds rather odd, the games and favours were fantastic ice breakers and the guests really enjoyed the wedding as a result.

More weird and wonderful wedding themes are those centred around 'Space & The Planets', 'Everything Made from Wood', 'Bugs and Insects', 'Bubbles', and 'Squares'! So, if you think your wedding theme is a bit funky and unusual, then think again.


Article Source: Free Wedding Articles

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