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Save on Wedding Needs

Your wedding day is arriving and you're short on cash. Or maybe you just love to do things yourself. You can still have an incredible wedding by making the most of the décor and other items yourself. Lace-trimmed table covers, for instance, are inexpensive to make. Discount fabric stores and department stores have inexpensive and reduced-priced lace available. Instead of spending hours sewing the lace, fabric glue can be used to attach the lace as a border to an inexpensive fabric cloth. Fabric glue will not wash out if you wait forty-eight hours before laundering. Napkins can also be made by cutting cotton fabrics into squares and attaching lace to the edges.

If you find a really good deal on lace, choose a different type for your wedding veil (unless you want to tie in your wedding attire to match the décor), which is yet another thing you can make yourself. Have a bridesmaid lay the lace over your head and cut to fit, depending on how long you want your veil to be. Use a hair barrette that clips shut and insert it into the lace, just in the middle of the top of the head. It may be necessary to poke holes in the lace to insert the clip. After cutting and adjusting the veil and clip, remove the clip and apply a no-fray fabric treatment to prevent the holes from getting larger. After drying, apply fabric glue to the hole areas and insert clip. Use the fabric glue to add a quarter-inch velvet or lace trim to the perimeter of the veil.

Inexpensive plastic or wire headbands, wrapped in fabric to match the bridesmaids' dresses make beautiful headbands for your bridesmaids. For bridesmaids with short hair, clip barrettes done in a similar fashion look beautiful as well.

Decorate the tables by purchasing incandescent, gold or silver strands of beads and drape them all the way across the front of the tables. The beads are not costly and can normally be found in many varieties at a dollar store. In place of elegant gold or silver flower vases, use clear glass vases but paint the edge of the dish with gold or silver paint. Use silk flowers, leaves, reeds and other silks to make flower arrangements. Place one large one in the center of the table then smaller ones every couple of feet all the way down the table.

Make an ice bowl to go in your punch bowl! Use two plastic bowls - one a bit smaller than the punch bowl itself, and the second bowl, a little smaller than the first. Fill the larger bowl a third full of water. Fill the smaller bowl almost full. Set the small bowl inside of the large one, now add flowers, beads, lace bows - whatever you desire - to the larger bowl. Place in the freezer for days until shortly before using. To remove, slowly run hot water over the smaller bowl until it breaks loose, then slowly lift the smaller bowl out, removing the ice bowl containing your décor. Place the ice bowl in the punch and place flowers or other items in the center of the bowl. The ice bowl will float in the punch, keeping the beverage cool and looking beautiful for hours before melting.

There are so many other things you can make yourself in order to save money on your wedding. You'll be surprised what all you can do with the right materials, and a little patience.

Article Source: Free Wedding Articles- Amanda Baker writes for All Things Pondered

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