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5 Great Tips for Planning your Beach Wedding

One of the most dramatic and romantic locations to have a wedding this spring and summer is the beach. You have the beautiful backdrop of the ocean and hopefully white sands. The best part is that a beach wedding can occur in almost just about any locations where a body of water meets the shore. This makes it possible to have a unique wedding depending on the characteristics of the beach. A beach on Hawaii will not be the same as one in the North Carolina Outer Banks. Each place has its own special flavor that can be used to add a unique twist to your wedding ceremony. Here are some great ides to help you plan your beach wedding.

Look to local spots for inspiration. Like mentioned before, the location can determine the character of the wedding. Picking a place that is near you that has significance is a great idea. It can be a beach that was a favorite place to go to when you were younger or somewhere that has important memories concerning you and the groom. Also try to use floral arrangements made of flower that are native to the area. If you are holding a wedding on the beach try to keep abreast of weather conditions. This way you will be prepared and not caught off guard. The result will be spectacular.

Think about what beach favors you are going to give guests. The point of your guest gifts is to act as souvenirs and mementos of your special day. A great idea is to use marine animals and plants as the motifs for your favors. This will allow you to match a wide variety of favors to your beach ceremony theme and even personalize gifts. Also try giving beach related items such as towels, flip flops, or beach bags. These are not only great for your theme but also will be useful for guests when they enjoy the beach after the wedding or they go on their own seaside excursion.

Use marine grasses, shells, and other seaside items at decorations at your wedding and ceremony. For example you can use seashells and dried seaweed as aisle markers. You can also use sea related motifs to come up with unique and beautiful place cards and centerpieces for the guest tables at your reception. Use your own imagination and ingenuity to bring all the beauty of the sea and shore to your nuptials in a manner that will be remembered long after you have exchanged vows with your groom.

Try to make your reception menu match the beach theme of your ceremony. A good idea is to serve sea food dishes. This can be anything from fish and crab to shrimp and scallops. This will give your guests a delicious taste of the sea. While doing this also be aware that some of your guests might have food allergies. So also try to have viable alternatives in case any of your guests can not safely eat your menu items.

Put thought into personal gifts that you give to key people in your wedding such as your bridesmaids. The criteria for choosing these items are much higher. So try to make room in your budget for these important purchases. After all these are some of the people helping you plan your beach wedding.

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