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Glass and Crystal Wedding Favors

Long before you knew when you were getting married you had already made some choices about things you wanted to include in you wedding. Some of them varied depending on when the blessed event would occur (time of year, not age) but some things were pretty static. You wanted it done with class and style and you wanted to do most of the planning your self. You knew if you got married on the beach you wanted to be standing in the water in a long white cotton dress, just long enough that the very bottom of it got wet. You wanted crystal wedding favors, but glass wedding favors would work as well, sometimes better. Now if somebody would just propose!

You had put a lot of thought into this. In fact, you even had a few default ideas and some general not-quite default ideas and even a few you just really liked if the season was right.

Your biggest default one might not be a default at all as you liked it so much. That would be small glass or crystal picture frames. The biggest reason for that would be that they would serve a dual purpose. One, of course, would be as a wedding favor. Their other function would be to frame place cards. Even if you don't think you can find the right size place cards it would only take a bit to design and size them then send them of to a print shop to be printed and cut. The whole process would only cost as much as a box of nice business cards. The cards themselves would look great but in those glass/crystal frames it would get more than a few wows. Your other default would be glass or crystal wine stoppers. Of course there are always some generic ones, but you hoped you would find a perfect on for whatever type of wedding you ended up having. If you ended up with your beach wedding you wanted them done as a pineapple. If it were in the summer and in a garden you wanted a top shaped like a zinnia (a rose bud would work in a pinch). You knew if you looked the other seasons would pop out. If wine stoppers were not going to work then you could always go with wine charms with colored glass (crystal would be too hard to tell a part).

Some of the glass or crystal favors you had in mind were for a particular season. If the wedding was going to be at Christmas time then glass or crystal ornaments were the plan. It didn't really matter to much which one. Snowflakes would be nice, so would ice sickles. Even a little cut pine cone would be nice. If you got your spring garden wedding then you wanted colored glass sun catchers. You butterflies released at the end of the ceremony so that would be a great tie into the theme.

Crystal and glass have so much potential as a material for wedding favors. They add a sense of elegance and class, more than most things will. Once you have decided what type of wedding you want to have you can start your shopping, not only will you not have a problem finding something, you might so many it is hard to pick the perfect one.

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