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Hurry And Make That List - Wedding Supplies Must Haves

Do you find yourself constantly haunted with the never-ending wedding supplies for your big day? It will not do any bride good to stress out on focusing and paying close attention to all the details. Therefore, proper wedding planning is necessary to make your preparation less stressful and complete. Here is a list of supplies for you to make a good start.

Wedding Arch

A wedding arch is something that you should seriously consider. It is no ordinary arch for decor. It actually symbolizes the union between a man and his wife and the new life they will share together. An arch is expensive so don't attempt to buy one for your wedding unless you don't have budget constraint. Rent out an arch and have it decorated as you desire.

Candles and Holders

Unity candles can be beautiful decor for the wedding. There are a wide range of designs and colors to choose from and not only that, you can further personalize it such as having the couple's name on it as well as the wedding date. The candle holder should also be as elegant and you can also choose from a three piece holder in gold or silver or, you can have an all-in-one that comes in many designs such as butterflies, cherubs or doves.

Silk Flower Decorations

Flowers are the life of the event. Having fresh ones could be expensive. However, to get the same effect with half the cost, you can opt for silk flowers. They have longer life span and are by far easier to arrange and handle.

Wedding Aisle Runner

The aisle runner is a symbolic representation of the new path that you are about to take with your partner. An advice is not to go for plastic aisle runner, instead, have vinyl or rayon aisle runners because they are tear resistant and heavy duty. You can choose plain white or the ones with floral prints or weave patterns. You can even have it personalized by having your names or a short message printed on it using your favorite font and colors.

Wedding Favors

Of the so many wedding favor choices you can find in the market, deciding what wedding favors to give away can become difficult. You want your wedding to be remembered. You want to leave a mark in the minds of your guests. You want to give something that has practical use. Look for the best wedding favor to match your wedding theme. If you have the luxury of time and talent in making crafts, do them yourself (or you can even ask some friends who share the interest to help you). Save money and give your favors your personal touch.

Wedding Cake Topper

The wedding cake is one of the major attractions at the wedding reception. Therefore, both the cake and the cake topper should be strikingly beautiful. Choose the cake topper that best emphasizes the wedding theme or best speaks of what's common with you and your partner. You don't have to stick to the traditional heart and dove or boy and girl kissing porcelain figurines. Why not have the novel ones? Have at look at some funny wedding cake toppers and think about the smiles it will create on your guests' faces. "Runway Bride" and "The Tiff" figurines are two of the common funny toppers.

Bridal Accessories

What else could be more important for a bride on her wedding day than to look beautiful and elegant? The beautiful wedding gown and simple yet elegant make up is not complete with some bridal accessories. However, don't overdo it by wearing too much. Jewelry pieces and hair accessories such as the pearl-studded hair clips will look beautiful on you as well as do the job of securing your hair to desired position. If you like your hair to cascade down your back, a tiara will compliment your look beautifully.

Sometimes, you need help in remembering important details what more with a wedding event that need you to harvest ideas from time to time. Make it a point to have a list so that you will not miss out on anything important for your wedding supplies. You will feel more prepared by doing this and it will be you guidance in creating the wonderful wedding you want all your life.

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