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Your man just got down on one knee and you said "yes". It's only as you sip celebratory champagne that your mind starts thinking "... goodness, what next?" Planning a wedding can be a very daunting task.

The To Do lists in magazines seem so long. Does all that really need to be done? What do we tackle first? Of course it all depends on the scale of your wedding. Here are a few guidelines to help you set out confidently on your bridal planning path. Your Wedding date and venue comes first, everything else fits around it. Planning your wedding over a year out will be easier to secure your favoured date. So bear that in mind, especially if you are considering a specific venue. Venue searching is a little like house hunting, every weekend off looking at places! Luckily the internet is a great way to narrow down choices. Don't be afraid to ask for more photos and information. Get reviews from past weddings. It's worth noting that many venues will have a preferred list of suppliers. Ask about this from the start and save yourself some time and research. Securing your date and venue is an awesome achievement and a huge tick on your list once booked!
Start a scrapbook. Paste in anything you like the look of. Dresses, flowers, stationary, hair, makeup, cars, suits, decorations, favours…. This becomes a great reference guide and it's very useful when talking with suppliers - they can see the look and feel you are after. Attach your To Do list and other relevant information... phone numbers and emails of your venue, celebrant etc. Having everything in one place makes life much easier.

Catch up with married friends. They are an invaluable resource. Ask them for their three top tips and advice. Everyone loves to help out by sharing their bridal experiences. View their wedding album for ideas. You may even wish to use some of the suppliers they did. Walking into a wedding dress boutique can be overwhelming. All those white frocks hung up in a row! On the rack, the dresses can look pretty drab. Remember they are only the try-on dresses! Amaze yourself and try on a selection of styles - they look very different on, gaining shape and personality. You're there to experiment! Ask the assistant to recommend styles she feels will suit you. It is very interesting! Take your Mum and a friend with you for their feedback; make a fun day of it.

Your wedding ring is a symbol of your union as Husband and Wife. You wear it every day, so take the time to visit jewellers to sample lots of styles. If none suit, or you want something and can't find it, consider having one designed. Think about matching wedding bands or inscriptions. You may even have jewellery from family members passed that can be remodelled.
Smaller boutique jewellers tend to have their craftsman onsite and will have endless creativity and enthusiasm when it comes to designing your rings. Jewellery and shoes don't need to be expensive to look gorgeous. Stores today have a fabulous selection of bling to choose from, whether your taste stretches to bling or is reserved for subtle! Search your local high street shops for ideas.

If you are trying to match pieces, take what you have with you so you can compare. Visualise the dress, hair and makeup all together to get the full effect. Stationary options are numerous. Many people nowadays are creating their own wedding websites, with invites sent by email. Start by scouring the web. Your invites are an introduction for guests to your big day; they set a precedent and make a statement. Will you have them made at a printer or DIY them yourself? The latter will undoubtedly save you money.
From traditional folded invites, to simple postcard styles, magnets, or even a puzzle for guests to put together … you are only limited by your imagination. Get inventive. Try and tie in your wedding theme and colours, so everything marries up… excuse the pun!
Search your local Emporium for ribbon, tulle and other little haberdashery treats. These are fabulous for decoration ideas, invites, table runners, favour bags, ribbon for cars and much more.

Remember your photos are a lifetime memento of your special day, so to be sure you get a qualified photographer. Make an appointment with potential photographers and view various albums. Ask to see a complete wedding album, not just an album of their 'best shots'. Ensure you get a good vibe from them. They need to get the best out of you on the day for your photos to be spectacular.

Very exciting times lie ahead for you and your fiancé. Being organised enables you to enjoy the ride much more! Wedding websites are a great source of ideas and inspiration.

Article written by: Lauren Prill

This article was kindly supplied by My Wedding New Zealand's Premier Wedding Magazine

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