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If the Shoe Fits

What could be worse than selecting a pair of shoes that look simply stunning, spending a tidy sum of money on them, and then wearing them for all of half an hour before you are complaining bitterly?
Not much, I'd say, especially on such an important day as your wedding day! This is a day for fun, laughter and celebration and, of course, lots of dancing; you simply can't do that if your feet are screaming out in agony!

Did you know:
• Nine out of 10 women are wearing shoes that are too small for
their feet.
• Eight out of 10 women say their shoes are painful.
• More than 7 out of 10 women have developed a bunion,
hammertoe, or other painful foot deformity.
• Women are nine times more likely to develop a foot problem
because of improper fitting shoes than a man.
• Nine out of 10 women's foot deformities can be attributed to
tight shoes.

Finding shoes that look great isn't hard to do. It's finding shoes that are also the right fit that's most important. I would suggest that you measure your feet at the end of the day when you're feet are at their largest, and that you measure both feet, as many of us have one foot slightly larger than the other. The shape of the shoe is important. You should select one that is similar in shape to that of your foot. Don't try to push broad, square feet into narrow, pointy shoes! When trying the shoes on, stand up in them. This will spread the feet and toes. At this point, make sure you still have space in front of your longest toe. It should never be touching the front of the shoe!

Whilst still standing, make sure the ball of your foot is sitting comfortably within the space allotted. Don't buy a shoe that's tight, hoping it will stretch slightly! The heel of your foot should sit comfortably within the shoe. Walk in them in the shop to ensure your heel isn't slipping out of the back of the shoe. A shoe that slithers up and down on your heel will only leave you with blisters!

When it comes to the uppers, go for leather, satin, silk or similar. Something soft and flexible. Whilst low heels are obviously going to be the more sensible option, some of you will want to wear the highest possible heels on your wedding day. If the above steps are taken into consideration, even a massive heel will be wearable long into the evening.

Article written by: Susie Downie

This article was kindly supplied by My Wedding New Zealand's Premier Wedding Magazine

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