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Pre-Wedding Blues

The months before the wedding occurs can be a time of strain and stress! In the first instance, there is so much preparation to be done, so many people to keep happy and so much money to be spent. Needless to say, there are often brides and grooms who arrive at the altar a little leaner, but not from working out.... from stressing out!

The most common concern for couples waiting for their big day is trying to keep the relatives at bay. When the wedding is in the planning phase, seemingly everyone has an agenda. Brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles may all surprise you by coming out of the woodwork, making demands that may be extremely hard to fulfil. Additionally, there may be animosities between family members that make seating plans and other arrangements difficult. Whilst no-one would want to predict difficulty, there are some 'rules of engagement' that make living through the pre-wedding days easier to handle:


1. Decide from the outset that your wedding is for you! Let that mindset guide most of your wedding choices, albeit with a degree of flexibility.
2. Be organised! Do not leave everything to the last minute. The closer you get to the 'Big Day', the less energy and patience you will have!
3. Try not to VENT any concerns or worries on your partner. If you feel tension building in the relationship, seek out the advice of a professional to calm things down.
4. Beware advice from close to home! Family and friends should be supportive but not overwhelming with their input. Do not relinquish control to other people, but
delegate wisely.
5. Look after yourself. Remember to take time out to rejuvenate yourself and your relationship. No-one wants a divorce BEFORE the wedding!

There are bound to be jitters as you approach one of the most monumental moments of your life. However the path may not be peppered with pitfalls if you take a few good, deep breaths and put an organised, cohesive plan in place. A plan allows you to focus on what is important for you and your partner when there may be pressure from other members of the family or friends. A plan also allows you to have clarity in terms of decision-making; therefore you don't sweat the small stuff ... or the big stuff, for that matter!
Pre-wedding blues are often a normal part of the marriage process. The important thing is not to let the feelings of strain and stress dominate the lead-up to your big day, and further, flow over to the ceremony. Take time for yourself and your
relationship on a regular basis, as you move towards your impending nuptials. Try not to fall into the trap of allowing your focus to slip from the excitement and happiness of your wedding day and fix on the mindlessness of squabbling relatives, interfering friends and over-zealous others. This will be your special day, take ownership of it and ... ENJOY!

Article written by: Sara Chatwin

This article was kindly supplied by My Wedding New Zealand's Premier Wedding Magazine

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