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5 Interesting Ideas for Autumn Pumpkin Wedding Favors

One of the most iconic images of fall are pumpkins and the various ways that they are used. So they are perfect item to use to inspire your choices for fall wedding favors. One of the goals of a bride is to make her ceremony and reception special and one of a kind. Using unique and even quirky favors can help her achieve that. However you might be wondering what types of favors can you find that use pumpkins? You will be surprised to find out that there are several ways to do so and some of the ideas will be ones that you will be surprised you have not thought of yourself. Here are some of them.

Cinderella's carriage us a great exmaple. We often forget that pumpkins play an important role in the fairy tale and by extension make it a fall story. This allows you combine the fall and fairytale themes in a unique and creative way. For example a popular favor item are Pumpkin carriage candle favors. These items are unique in that they are novelty candles that are shaped like the pumpkin carriage you remember from watching the movie versions of the story. They are a quirk twist on a traditional favor that will be sure to be a topic of conversation among guests at your wedding.

Another idea is to use them in stationary guest gifts such as pen and journals. Stationary is a solid gift choice because of its utility. It also give you freedom to look for items with interesting and bold designs of the pumpkin motif and any other fall designs that you might have in mind. A good idea is to make the stationary humorous with not only fun fall pumpkin motifs but a short joke about weddings and marriage. It will be sure to give your guests a good laugh in the process. As for pens, try to look for novelty pens that have interesting feature or shaped pumpkin designs.

Then there are edible favors. There are wide variety of sweet treats that you can give guest that are made with pumpkin. The most well known is pumpkin pie. Also try to find pumpkin flavored candies and even drinks. The point is to have guests try old favorites or be introduced to something new. You can also serve pumpkin shaped or pumpkin flavored chocolate , and pumpkin shaped cookies as part of your list of edible favors.An important consideration is to make sure that your guests don't have any food allergies. If so try to prepare some hypo allergenic alternatives.

Another option is bath sets. These are great gifts for fans of aromatherapy and scented soaps. You can find items in any particular scent you need to match your theme. In this instant try to find pleasant smelling pumpkin scented body washes, shampoo, bath oils, or bath salts. They will not only provide a luxurious time of relaxation. They also be great reminders of your wedding every time your guests use them.

Finally use your imagination and do research. The suggestions mentioned in this article are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pumpkin theme wedding favors. The point is to look for one of kind items that will truly set your wedding apart from all the others that will happen this fall.

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