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Packing Tips Good for Any Groom

Gentlemen, listen well. If you somehow think you can show up to your own honeymoon dressed like a slob, then you're in for a big shock. Somewhere along the way guys mistakenly began to believe that they could just show up to their honeymoon wearing whatever they feel like. Sadly, this is not the case. For many women, the honeymoon is an extension of the wedding itself. What this means for you is that the honeymoon is not your standard issue "run of the mill" trip. Any notion you had of packing a handful of items and darting out the door should be dismissed immediately for your own good. There is advice aplenty for what women should pack for their honeymoon, but men rarely receive any advice on what they should be packing.

This list should serve any groom headed to his honeymoon well. While it is not completely comprehensive, it should get any groom pointed in the right direction in terms of what he should take with him on this big, big, trip.

Skip the Rush: This is a very important tip. Any seasoned traveler will tell you that the last second "travel rush" is a simply beastly thing. Trips of any kind can be stressful, and the last second rush only makes things worse. With this in mind, you should strongly consider packing well ahead of time. Of course, this means that you will need to think about what you will be doing on your honeymoon as well. If you are going hiking or scuba diving, for example, you will need very specific gear. So take a good long look at your wardrobe at least a month in advance so that you will be certain that you are not missing anything vital. In terms of packing, a smart groom would have all the packing out of the way at least a week ahead of the big trip.

Dress the Part of a Gentlemen: Nothing makes the ladies swoon like a sharp dressed fellow. Keep this in mind when packing. A few slick outfits for your fine dining experiences is a very good idea. Your bride will also appreciate the effort you have shown as well.

Say No To Creases: The crease is your enemy. The last thing you want is to arrive at your honeymoon destination only to find that all of your clothing is completely creased. After all who feels like ironing after a ten-hour or even a twenty hour travel day? To keep this from happening, pack clothes that don't wrinkle easily. Consider dry-cleaning an outfit. Dry cleaned clothes are more resistant to wrinkles and creases.

Sexy, Sexy: Oh yes, your bride will appreciate a sexy surprise from you. A couple of pair of sexy men's underwear can go a long way.

Skip the Pharmacy Trip: Think through and plan all of your potential pharmacy needs, or to phrase it another way, make sure you have plenty of condoms and lubricants. Why not be prepared? Just imagine what a pain it could be to spend an hour or two searching for condoms in a strange city or even worse, a strange country.

Always Have a Back-Up Plan: An experienced traveler will tell you that all sorts of things can go wrong. In order to help safeguard you and your trip from disaster, think through what you pack in your carry on bag. If your suitcases get lost, a well-packed carry on can help you make it until you can replace your clothes or vital toiletries.

Use Your Hotel: Don't feel that you have to lug every toiletry that you might need. Usually hotels have an assortment of the most commonly used items, such as shampoo and soap.

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