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A winning smile

Boost your confidence with brilliant white teeth No matter how great your hair or makeup, your smile just won't be a winning one if those pearly whites aren't really white. Too often I come across incredible photos that are spoilt because of discoloured teeth ruining an otherwise perfect smile. I've also come across piles of wedding photographs where the bride is loath to smile, or constantly hides her mouth behind a bouquet, glass or her hand. And then there are the ones where the bride has an incredibly sparkly smile, but the groom spoils the shot with his yellowed grin. Your wedding day should see you sparkling from all angles - those photos are likely to end up framed on a wall or mantle, and the videos watched time and again.
Thankfully, there IS, in most cases, something you can do about discoloured teeth! Firstly, do the following test to see if you could benefit from having your teeth whitened … hold a piece of A4 copy paper next to your teeth. Under good light, look in the mirror. If there is a difference, it might be time to check out the teeth whitening options. However, there is something to be said for going "over the top" - a basic rule of thumb is never to go whiter than the whites of your eyes! It also pays to bear in mind that it's only superficial staining that can be treated - the process will NOT significantly alter the natural colour of your teeth!
Dental whitening While you may pay more for teeth whitening through your dental surgeon, you do get the benefit of a customised consultation, a treatment tailored to your needs, and your treatment will usually include an appointment with a hygienist for a complete clean, as well as a thorough pre-treatment checkup. Dentists and some in-office treatment providers use whitening solutions with more active ingredients than those sold over-the-counter, so the results will generally be better. Some dentists will make customised trays for you that you then use for in-home treatments, applying gel for a short time each day, and this can be pretty cost effective. In some cases, the customised trays made exclusively for your professional
treatment are available to take home to continue your in-home treatments. There are instances where deep staining simply will not bleach and your dentist will be able to assess whether bleaching will work for you or not and, in the case of not, perhaps be able to offer alternate solutions.
If you're keen to check out the DIY treatments on offer, why not consider something like Pure White Professional Whitening Strips ( The treatment comprises small, clear strips that are placed over your front upper and lower teeth. Popular with international stars these innovative and affordable strips make messy trays a thing of the past. One side of the strip is coated in an advanced whitening gel, formulated to stay securely on your teeth. This gel is the same effective whitening agent used by dentists worldwide. Each box contains 40 strips - 20 upper and 20 lower, packaged in individual foil pouches. You simply tear open a pouch, peel off the strip and apply to your teeth. Maximum results are achieved by using twice a day for 10 days, leaving the strips on for about half an hour, but results can be seen in as little as 48 hours. My hubby has been using these strips and is impressed with the results so far! At a cost of around $60, it's an affordable teeth whitening process that is safe and easy. Pure White can be purchased from pharmacies, dentists and appearance medicine clinics.
Mobile Services Companies such as SparkleWhite ( not only offer a mobile service, they can make a fun event of it. Get together your bridal party or just a group of girlfriends for an afternoon and the therapist will come to your home or other venue. Their process involves a self-administered mouthpiece with the whitening process being enhanced through a blue LED light which is shone onto the teeth. The process takes between 15-20 minutes and the results will last up to two years if you keep up your dental hygiene. Even if you can't get a group together, SparkleWhite will still visit you for a private treatment at your convenience, at home or at work, at a rate that won't break the bank.
Teeth whitening is a safe and painless process that won't harm crowns, veneers, plates or implants. In fact, a recent independent study, reported in the Journal of Dentistry, showed teeth whitening to be safer than drinking orange juice, so you can rest assured that the only outcome at the end of the treatment will be smile you'll wear with confidence.
Please note: results will vary from person to person.

This article was kindly supplied by My Wedding New Zealand's Premier Wedding Magazine

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