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Beauty Advice

Makeup artist and hair stylist, Nicki Collett, recently chatted to three of her brides about their beauty regimes in the lead up to the Big Day.

Angela (nee Caltaux) and Mark Jason Hooper
Married at West Lynn Gardens on 27 November 2009
Theme: Romantic

What beauty treatments did you have leading up to your wedding and when did you have them?
Having two active toddlers at home was enough exercise in itself! I don't have much spare time for self indulgences, so I opted to get only an eyebrow shape and tint, and spray tan the week before the wedding.

What did you like/dislike and would recommend or not recommend?
The spray tan was a new experience and one which I would recommend. I think it just added that finishing touch. I felt and looked better / healthier.

What look did you go for with your hair and makeup?
I wanted a romantic, natural look for all of my bridal party, loose curls, plaits, a messy bun for my bridesmaids.

Why did you choose this look?
I based the look on a model I had seen my wedding dress on. I liked the look and worked the theme around the dress. I found the dress the vital item in deciding upon our theme, and worked with my makeup artist to re-create it.

What advice would you give other brides for their day?
Go with your gut instinct on your wedding dress choice. Get good advice on makeup and hair to complete the look you are after.

Any other points you would like to add?
Enjoy! At the end of all the fuss, you will have fantastic memories to last you both forever.


Annabel Newbegin and Corey McKandry
Married at Gracehill Vineyard, Kumeu on 12
December 2009
Theme: natural NZ - green and white

What beauty treatments did you have leading up to your wedding and when did you have them?
Two months before the wedding I started walking /running, Pilates, eating better and drinking lots of water. It really surprised me how much better I felt. My skin was clearer, and I lost a couple of kilos, too. The week of the wedding I had a pedicure, manicure, hair coloured and a few days before applied a tinted tanning moisturiser which gave me a natural subtle tan, and also had a relaxing massage!

What did you like/dislike and would recommend or not recommend?
In the lead up to the wedding, I tried a spray tan from an exclusive place and it was a disaster, I looked like a human carrot, so I would recommend being cautious with spray tans and find one that actually look good or avoid altogether. I got acrylic nails, but wanted to avoid the "fake tacky" look, so I got them done quite short, in a natural shape with a nude pink colour and they looked great! I had fake eyelashes on the day which looked amazing.

What look did you go for with your hair and makeup?
I wanted to actually look like me on the day, so I went for simple, natural make up and hair. My hair was quite plain but I had diamantes placed around the back and my veil really completed the look.

Why did you choose this look?
I went for the simple look as I know it suits me and as our ceremony was outside and I didn't want to look too dolled up and unnatural. I think the simpler the better as your photos won't date quite so much and will always look elegant.

What advice would you give other brides for their day?
Have a hair and make up trial! With your hairstyle, think about the fact it will have to last all day/night. Go for a style you can dance freely with without worrying about your hair coming out.

Any other points you would like to add?
Go to bed early the night before and enjoy your day because it actually flies by and is over before you know it!


Kirsty (nee Burnet) and Michael Clark.
Married at Manurewa Baptist Church with reception at Maraetai Beach Boat Club on 3 October 2009
Theme: Peacock feathers, cobalt blue, while & silver

What beauty treatments did you have in the lead up to your wedding and when did you have them?
From the moment Michael and I became engaged I tried to eat healthy, not only for my general wellbeing, but also for my skin, including altering my diet. I also tried to detox every Saturday a month before the wedding. To aid my skin, I had two facials, including microdermabrasion, two months and one month before the big day. I had my eyebrows waxed two days before the big day. I had a test spray tan two months before the big day to test the colour and then the spray tan for the big day two days before the wedding. I had acrylic nails applied the day before the wedding, to save them from being chipped and to keep them looking fresh for the photos.

What did you like/dislike and would recommend or not recommend?
I definitely recommend having a spray tan done before the big day. It made me aware that I would need to lightly scrub my knees, heels, elbows and ankles during my first shower after the spray tan, to prevent the colour build up. I chose to have acrylic nails, as I had a few nails that were shorter than the others. The finished product was awesome, but getting the nails off wasn't as much fun. I had had acrylics before but these were stubborn to remove - keeping the acetone warm enough and creating enough friction to remove the nails was a challenge. Looking back now, I probably would cut all my nails 'roughly' the same length and have a French manicure!

What look did you go for with your hair and makeup?
After many hours researching through magazines and on the internet, I decided upon elegant but simple for both my hair and makeup. For my makeup I decided upon charcoal smokey eyes with lash extensions with a natural base. My eyes are an unusual hazel colour so thought the smokey eye would accentuate this. With my hair I decided I wanted my hair up in a curly modern style. I didn't want anything too complicated or stiff.

Why did you choose this look?
I chose elegant and simple as it suited our theme for the day. For my eye makeup, charcoal was used to tie in with the silver sash on my dress. I chose to have my hair up to stand out, as my bridesmaids were having their hair half down and in curls. I had a hair trial about two months before the big day, to discover what I liked and what I didn't like.

What advice would you give other Brides for their day?
I definitely recommend having a facial or two (whatever you can afford) before the big day. They are a great way of treating yourself! In deciding upon hair and makeup styles, search the internet and magazines high and low, as there are a lot of images, but it can take a while to find what you like! Try and choose styles that suit your personality and personal styles. This will ensure you are comfortable on the day. I also highly recommend having a hair and makeup trial. This ensures you are happy with the styles you have chosen or gives you a chance to change things if need be. A good idea, to get the most out of your hair and makeup trial, is to get them done on the day of your hen's party - and then you get the wear out of both! Another good tip when choosing your hair or makeup artist for the big day, before spending money on trials is to ask for a meeting and to view their portfolio. This allows you to see their work and judge whether their style is for you. You can chat whilst doing so, to see if their personality meshes with yours to make for an easy working relationship on the day - Less stress the better! Saves on paying for hair and/or makeup trials with people that are not suitable. If you want your bride-maid's makeup to all look the same, but paying for them to have it done is a bit of a stretch, ask your makeup artist about possibly doing just their eye makeup. This way they will all look the same for a fraction of the cost!

Any other points you would like to add?
Relax and enjoy the day!

This article was kindly supplied by My Wedding New Zealand's Premier Wedding Magazine

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