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Memories are made of this

The Video Kiosk is the latest 'must have' for your wedding day - a fun way to dynamically capture your friends' and families' live video messages and photos in the easiest way imaginable.

The Video Kiosk's sleek design is very approachable and, being totally automated, needs no staffing. Your guests simply touch the screen and follow easy instructions, recording their video message to you or having a still photograph taken. They'll have fun making the recordings in their own time throughout the event. The bride and groom, along with the friends and family they wish to share it with, can enjoy reliving the event over and over for years to come through a secure link to Video Kiosk's website gallery and exclusive DVD's. Guests can also email their recordings around the world, or even upload it to Facebook or YouTube, right from the venue - ideal if you have overseas friends or relatives who had to miss your special day!

Rather than replacing the videographer and photographer, the Video Kiosk should be seen as an added bonus. Where the professionals focus predominantly on the wedding party, the Video Kiosk allows the guests to shine, capturing images and personal video messages to the happy couple. It's another step up from having cameras on each table.

Table Reminder Cards will make your guests aware of The Video Kiosk and what's expected of them. With the addition of guests' names, these can double as personal seating cards. I love the fact that when the Kiosk isn't in use by guests, a screen-saver activates, customised with the bride and groom's personal pictures and messages.

The Video Kiosk is very simple to use, and its compact size ensures it will suit just about any location. It even offers subtle lighting all around the screen to compensate for any dull or insufficient ambient lighting. All you need to do is find an area away from the main party area - somewhere guests will feel comfortable speaking their thoughts out loud - and perhaps where it's a little quieter.

Each couple receives two exclusive DVD's in a specially designed cover - a fully edited DVD as well as one with the raw footage. This raw footage could be used by your professional videographer, who could include snippets in the final production of the wedding video. Also included is a secure link to the Video Kiosk website gallery for 60 days - which the bride and groom can share with family and friends.

The Video Kiosk has been fully developed in New Zealand by Pete Varga and Ro Edge who have worked with local specialised manufacturers to ensure quality components, service and reliability, and agents are located throughout New Zealand.

This article was kindly supplied by My Wedding New Zealand's Premier Wedding Magazine

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