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5 DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Traditionally, getting married meant spending a fortune. Today, the modern practical bride takes advantage of budget wedding techniques and do-it-yourself wedding accessory projects to ensure that she would have a wonderful wedding without having to break the bank. After all, with the global financial crunch, it pays to be frugal.

Wedding centerpieces are some of the items in your wedding checklist that you can surely save a lot from if you know how to do them yourself. Let us get creative and see which of these five simple and easy-to-do DIY wedding centerpieces would be a hit for you and your spouse-to-be.

DIY Wedding Centerpiece # 1 - The Mason Jar Centerpiece

Take a mason jar, wrap a raffia ribbon around it and fill it with colorful blooms of flowers. You can also add in some colorful pebbles or crystals at the bottom of the jar for more visual appeal. Mason jars are also great to use as lanterns or wedding giveaways.

DIY Wedding Centerpiece # 2 - Fruits in Season Centerpiece

Fill up a tall clear vase with colorful fruits in season, and voila, you have a nice centerpiece for your special day. Do not forget to top it off with a flower bloom to give it a striking effect.

DIY Wedding Centerpiece # 3 - Life's a Beach Centerpiece

Get a medium-sized clear vase, fill half of it with sand and then place a candle or starfish as focal point on the center. Surround this focal point with seashells, pebbles or other trinkets that can be found on the beach. A more casual alternative to the clear vase is a tin bucket wrapped with handmade paper.

DIY Wedding Centerpiece # 4 - Centerpiece for the Sweet Tooth

Take a martini glass, fill it up with chocolate balls or chocolate kisses (preferably wrapped in foil with the same color as that of the wedding motif) and insert a tapered candle in between. You can also insert some greens in between the chocolates.

DIY Wedding Centerpiece # 5 - The Handmade Lantern Centerpiece

On a typical clear tall glass, place a tapered candle inside. Wrap the glass with thin handmade paper but do not cover the top of the glass. Light up the candle. This would be a nice handmade lantern centerpiece for the tables of your guests.

More Tips on Wedding Centerpieces

  1. Find household items that you can use as material for the wedding centerpiece. Take the mason jars for example. Many of us have a couple of these at home so you would not need to buy from the store anymore.
  2. Gather your bridesmaids and start with the wedding centerpiece project. More hands is better than just one pair and with so many centerpieces to create, you can surely use all the help you can get.
  3. Give the wedding centerpiece a personal touch. You can have the photo of you and your partner or one of your favorite little trinkets included in the centerpiece.

Being a frugal bride does not mean you have to sacrifice beauty and style. If you are creative, resourceful, and smart, you can have wonderful pieces of wedding centerpieces without having to hurt your pockets.

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