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Latest Trends in Spring Weddings

Spring brings out the best in everybody. It is such a fresh and enthusiastic season that many brides choose this time to hold that big day. This 2011 spring is no different. People are expecting to receive numerous wedding invitations at this time, as it has always been a popular season for weddings. If you are planning to have your wedding at this time of the year too, it would be a good idea to browse through the latest trends so that you would have some ideas on how to go about planning and organizing this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Spring Colors

White, pastels and lilacs are old news. For a 2011 spring wedding, colors would revolve around bold, vibrant, and bright hues with a few pastel shades. Red, bright turquoise, blue, orange, peach, and yellow are just few of the many colors that are making waves this spring. The black wedding gown is still very popular for this coming season. However, for conservative brides who want to join the black fashion bandwagon, adding subtle touches of black in lace, sash, or beads is the way to go.

Bridal Fashion

This spring, say goodbye to the classic and plain white gown! Wedding gowns for spring 2011 would be all about eye-catching embellishments and strong vibrant colors. Decorative elements such as flowers, beads, lace, and even feathers would be very big this year. You will also see a lot of ruffled tiers and asymmetrical necklines. Ruffles, which add texture and movement to dresses, will be placed mostly on the dresses from the waist down or at the bottom part. Asymmetrical necklines, meanwhile, will take the place of strapless gowns. If this is not bold enough for you, wait until you see the entry of mini dresses, which are superb for the quirky, extraordinary, or dancing brides.

Shoes and Accessories

Even with shoes and accessories, it is still all about making an impact and drama. The bolder it is the better. Top color choices include pink, bright orange, hot pink, red, black, and turquoise. Of course, it is a must to match your wedding shoes with your gown. This season also permits an extravagance of accessories in the form of huge gemstones, oversized pearls, shimmering sequins, and so many more. Even a simple and conservative bride would enjoy experimenting with shoes and accessories. A bride can let her hair down and go wild this season!

Simple and elegant is out for spring 2011. Here to make noises are trends that are loud, dramatic, eye-catching and spectacular. Wedding gowns in vibrant colors such as red, black, and turquoise are very popular this season. Embellishments like feathers, lace, and beads make the gown and of course, the bride even more dashing and gorgeous. Spring 2011 is all about fun, experimentation, excitement and exploration. Of course, these are only trends that are meant to give you some ideas on your upcoming special day. Ultimately, it would still be up to you to make the final choices and decide if these trends would work for you.

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