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A Guide to 2012 Wedding Dresses

If you are getting wed next spring then this fall is the time of year to start choosing your wedding dress. The latest styles have just arrived at all the wedding boutiques and you can get your hands on the hottest trends quite literally as they come in through the door.

So what are the key wedding dress trends for 2011? Unsurprisingly after that "big" wedding last April (I think you all know which one I`m talking about) certainly inspired a leaning towards simple but classic, understated gowns and the gorgeously delicate lace sleeves and there is a great range of takes on this modern classic. After all. What bride wouldn't want to emulate the stunning Kate Middleton as she walked down the aisle.

But for those of us who like something a little less mainstream, there is a wonderful range of quirky but flattering silhouettes, details and even colors which are making an appearance for the most fashionable of 2012 brides.

Polka dots are set to be big in the coming season. Not garish at all, very subtle in different textures and tones of ivory and white. Great for any of you Bette Paige wannabe`s, but they are also a fantastic way to take a step away from the traditional gowns. Nature inspired, embroidered detailing is also very big for 2012, with beautifully contrasting deeps navy`s and blacks creating a stunning impact against ivory or white satins and silks.

Illusion necklines are also featuring heavily in 2012`s key trends. By illusion necklines, we mean they give the illusion of being strapless, when actually there is beautifully delicate lace or gauzes which give the skin a sexy subtlety by veiling it in an intriguing manner. Gauzes aren`t just around the necklines either. Many of the coming year`s skirts feature sheer, asymmetric skirts which create an enchanting look and will happily show off a spectacular pair of shoes. Just remember. Wear gauzy on either the legs or the neckline, but never both at the same time. Sexy is subtle, especially on your wedding day.

Two tiered skirts have also made a big impact this season. They create a very sexy silhouette and are a great way of camouflaging hips which are a bit too wide. Multiple layered skirts can be gauzy or tailored and are a beautiful way to create a bit of shape which makes the most of your assets.

And let`s not forget the colors which are officially on the runways since the usually conservative Reese Witherspoon got married in a beautiful blush wedding gown. This season you will find gorgeous dresses in subtle blushes, lilacs and apricots as well as vibrant blues and greens which will certainly make you stand out from the crowd, exactly as you should on your wedding day.

There are so many gorgeous, innovative and subtlety sexy gowns available this fall that it really is the perfect time to be a bride. There are plenty of dresses which will give your guests a wedding they will remember, guaranteeing heaps of anniversary cards for many years to come.

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