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Gloves With Your Wedding Gown?

If you're considering wearing gloves with your dress, read these tips first. Different styles of dresses will require different styles of gloves. A brides body build will also predetermine what type of gloves will suit her.

Gloves began in the Victorian era and made a recurrence in the 1930's and 1940's when they became so popular they were worn to almost every formal occasion. Today, beautiful white silk, satin, and lace gloves are a popular item in the bridal industry.

So how do you choose the right type of gloves?

- with a short sleeved gown wear wrist-length gloves

- with a cap-sleeve gown wear elbow length gloves

- with a strapless gown wear over-the-elbow gloves

- don't wear gloves with a long sleeved gown unless you absolutely have to

- avoid over-the-elbow gloves if you have full upper arms. Wear up to the elbow gloves instead.

- if you're of less than average height or have shorter arms, use shorter length gloves; over-the-elbow gloves will not do much for you.

Take your gloves off while eating, drinking, and during the receiving line but don't forget to wear them for your formal photos.

During the ceremony:
So you want the gloves with the gown, but what do you do during the ring exchange at the altar? Do you put the ring on the glove or do you take the glove off? Well, you could take the glove off, but if you're wearing over-the-elbow gloves you may find yourself struggling with it. If the glove is hard to remove, you may find that putting it back on will be too much of a hassle and you'll end up finishing the rest of the ceremony with only one glove on.

Don't despair because there is another way. When you purchase you're gloves, carefully unstitch the seam of the ring finger so there is an opening large enough for your finger to slip through. During the ceremony it will be a lot easier to slip your finger out quickly and effortlessly. For better results, practice this prior to the wedding day.

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