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Wedding gift list advice

A classic gift list

Even if you think of yourselves as unconventional types, it's worth considering some of the standard wedding gift-list inclusions. There's a reason why bedlinen, plates and glassware feature on so many wedding gift lists: they're useful, plus you can choose luxurious versions that you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself. Don't feel the pressure to ask for pots and pans if you rarely cook, but do bear in mind that your tastes and needs might change with time, so the wacky lampshade that looks fab now could get on your nerves in a matter of months.

Shops offering gift lists

Do your homework before deciding where to have your gift list. Questions you should ask include: Can guests order gifts by phone or online as well as in person? How easy is the buying process? What experiences have other couples had of particular companies? Are there any perks? For example, some companies offer gift vouchers as an incentive to couples who register with them, while others have been known to provide free use of a personal shopper. Use WeddingPath's Wedding Directory to research some of the possibilities.

A multi-store gift list

If you don't want to commit to a single shop, try, a free service that allows you to create and manage your own list. You get to choose items from a huge range of online stores, including favourites like John Lewis and Marks & Spencer.

Go for a long, varied gift list

Make your gift list as long as possible to give guests plenty of choice. Be sure to include a good mix of items, at a wide range of prices, so no one will feel pressured to over-spend or to buy items they don't like the look of themselves!

A travel gift list

More and more couples are asking friends and family to help them live out their travel dreams. With the Trailfinders wedding gift-list service guests buy travel vouchers which can either be put towards your honeymoon of a lifetime, or saved for future travel. Contributions can be made online, by phone, by post or in person through any UK Trailfinders travel centre.

A wine gift list

Many wine merchants, including Balls Brothers will help you put together a list of your favourite wines from which your family and friends can place their orders. It's a great way for the couple who already have everything home-related to establish their own 'cellar'.

A charity gift list

A charity gift list enables you and your guests to mark your union by improving the lives of others. Good Gifts, Oxfam Unwrapped and The Alternative Wedding List all have some truly ingenious ideas with feelgood factor aplenty.

Use your weddingpath

Some couples are uncomfortable with the idea of including gift-list details with their wedding invitations, as this looks as if they are pressurising their wedding guests to buy a gift. The best way to get round this is either by word of mouth or by creating a wedding website and adding a dedicated gift-list page. Include the web address of your weddingpath on your wedding invitations so guests will know where to go for all the wedding details, including info about your gift list.

Asking for cash gifts

If the idea of a gift list just doesn't appeal to you, these days it is perfectly acceptable to subtly inform people that you would like to receive a gift of money instead. Use a page of your personal weddingpath to charmingly explain that, while it is the guests' presence rather than presents that means a lot to you, a cash gift would be hugely appreciated. Composing a poem is one way to convey this, although a simple couple of lines is just as good, and can seem more heartfelt. It's a good idea to decide in advance what you will spend your cash gifts on. This ensures that, as a courtesy, you can inform each guest what you bought with their kind contribution - perhaps in your post-wedding thank-you cards.

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