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Wedding day hair tips

These wedding day hair tips will help you decide on a style that suit you and your look.

  • Decorate your hair with accessories such as headbands, tiny flower studs, jeweled hairpins, or a princess tiara. When shopping for these wedding hair accessories, try to wear your hair in your bridal style to make sure the accessories will work.
  • Tiaras are back in and are a fantastic choice as they look great on both short and long hair. You'll feel like a princess too!
  • To get your hair looking and feeling healthy, make sure to use a good shampoo and conditioner for your hair type a few weeks before your wedding day. Be sure that you always test any hair products you will be using on the day in advance. You don't want any nasty surprises on your wedding day.
  • Bear in mind that up-hairstyles have the tendency to age you. If your style is too tight, this will show in your face, especially in the photos. A simple chignon pulled back is much more relaxing on your head and face
  • Aim not to put too much product in your hair. Most modern brides with long hair wear it half up and half down these days. this creates a nice gentle look and creates a much softer illusions than having it all up.
  • Alternately, sometimes hair that is too loose can look messy. You don't want to have your wedding hair competing with your wedding dress or veil. For photography, avoid too many  pieces around your head as they will take away from your face. If you decide to wear your hair down, make sure it doesn't clash with jewellery or your gown's neckline
  • If you have short hair, a polished, simple and worn off the face look will best suit you. If you have a fringe, this should be the only hair on your face.

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