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The 7 Deadly Sins!

Yes, I am talking about lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride, but not in the sense that most of you will think of when you hear those words. I'm talking about these sins in relation to your make-up application.
Whether for your engagement party, hen's night or wedding day, if you have decided not to enlist in a professional makeup artist, then read on and ensure you don't succumb to the seven sins of makeup application....

1. Lust for Blush
Blusher is an essential part of your makeup application and should by no means be overlooked. If you don't wear enough blusher you can look washed out and tired. The colour should be of a similar tone to the rest of your makeup, and it should never be confused with bronzer! The placement of your blusher is key - slapping it on in the general area is not recommended, and it is crucial to blend seamlessly with no hard edges for a natural healthy glow.

2. Fat Lash Gluttony
Unless you're going to a fancy dress party, full set false lashes should be avoided. Don't get me wrong … I love false lashes, and I apply them to about 95% of my brides, but I use individual lash flares. These are much more natural, are designed to blend with your natural lashes to enhance your eyes, and are fantastic for bringing out your eyes in photos. Full set lashes can look very fake and, if applied incorrectly, can create all sorts of issues. Similarly, applying 38 coats of clumpy mascara is not the answer. If you want fabulous lashes, but would like an alternative to false lashes, I would recommend a lash thickener, but be sure to let it dry thoroughly first before applying your mascara.

3. Lips or Eyes - don't be Greedy
Before you even start applying your makeup, decide if you want the focus on your lips or your eyes. If you want to enhance your eyes, keep your lips understated, and vice versa. There is no fine line between looking sophisticated or looking like a clown - these are two very distinctive makeup categories!

4. Brow Sloth
Do not underestimate the power of nice eyebrows. The shape of your brows has a dramatic effect on the rest of your face, helping to frame your face and your eyes. Many women neglect their brows by not applying any browliner or shadow. If your brows are too light you can look washed out, and they'll look unbalanced in comparison to the rest of your makeup. Make them too dark and you'll go the other way, looking too hard. Essentially your brow colour should match your hair colour. Enhancing of your brows should be very subtle, using the appropriate product and colour to fill in any gaps - however, no-one should be able to tell you have applied any product. It should just look like you were born with perfect brows! One of the things I recommend to all my clients is to have a brow shape and, if needed, a tint before the wedding.

5. Fake Wrath
If you would like a nice tan for the big day, I suggest a spray tan, not an overdose of bronzer. Having your face darker than your body will only make you look angry and flustered. Bronzers are fantastic, but should be used sparingly. Dust down your T-zone for a natural looking sun kissed glow, or use to contour by dusting lightly around the edges of your face to give your skin a natural looking healthy glow …but never do both.

6. Lip Envy
If you envy women with nice plump lips, that's ok, but please don't be tempted to create a fuller lip by drawing your lipliner outside your natural lip shape. Make-up application is not 'paint by numbers' - but you should always stay inside the lines. Your lipliner should always be the same colour as your lipstick, and blended nicely together. Darker lipliner should be left in the 90's where it belongs, to be remembered fondly, but never repeated.

7. Take Pride in your skin
Be proud of the skin you have. Don't try to disguise skin conditions by applying an inch of foundation - it will only make things look worse. Be sure to choose your foundation in good clear light. Ask the sales assistant to apply a small amount on your jawline and, if necessary, go outside to see it in the natural light. Never buy a foundation that's too dark in the hope that you'll be getting a tan soon. Wait until you have the tan, gals, and then buy it. A successful makeup result needs to start with a good foundation. Your foundation is literally that - the foundation to your make-up, so start as you mean to go on … with a beautiful, flawless application.

This article was kindly supplied by My Wedding New Zealand's Premier Wedding Magazine

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