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Bling is in

By Janine Mitchell

It is so nice to see that modern times have given us the acceptance to broaden our limitations of our own wedding cakes.

Gone are the days where we only had a few choices of design.  Wedding cakes were to be white, cake was to be fruit, and your only decisions were which iced flower arrangement and how many tiers your cake had to consist of. This is not a criticism of wedding cakes gone by, but more an acknowledgement of the transformation wedding cakes have undergone.

As with many trends surrounding weddings, we have reached a stage where wedding cakes take special precedence after the bride.  These days we can have the cake incorporate the look of the dress, the style of the couple, and even a miniature version of the family dog … there seems to be no boundaries.

So what's hot?  White is still in and will always be the most popular choice. However, colours are now sharing centre stage along with bling - yes, BLING is in!

Big satin bows with diamantes, beautiful ribbons, embossed patterns piped onto the cake, monogrammed initials, fresh flowers that accentuate a simple cake. By adding any of these extras, your cake can morph into an elegant, sophisticated and very important part of your wedding day, instead of just a piece of cake to end your special day - did I mention the Bling?

Cupcake towers, with a small separate wedding cake for cutting, are introducing themselves as an exciting upbeat trend … and there's bling on them too! Each guest receiving their own edible art will guarantee admiration, even from the harshest of critics.

Trends do eventually go round in circles. Perhaps in time we will come back to the white covered fruit cake lavishly covered in iced flowers … with a bit of bling!

Janine Mitchell is the proprietary of Snob Designer Cupcakes. You can view her site at

This article was kindly supplied by My Wedding New Zealand's Premier Wedding Magazine

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