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Bridal Club Magazine

Something Old, Something New...

Something Old

  • Instead of a new wedding ring, you might want to purchase an antique ring or wear one that has been passed down through your family.
  • If you can't find an antique ring, don't despair! Why not wear antique earrings or wedding jewellery on your wedding day.
  • Purchase some vintage buttons and have them incorporated into your wedding gown design
  • Tie some antique lace around your bouquet for an elegant touch that will still help you maintain the tradition

Something New

  • This one should be easy, you'll have plenty of new things on the day. What better 'new' item than your wedding gown!
  • Spoil yourself and purchase some new and luxurious lingerie. This will not only be a gift for yourself, but also for your new husband.
  • Look beautiful and touch up your makeup during the day with brand new lipstick or eye shadow
  • You don't have to spend money to have something 'new'. Pick some garden flowers and place them in your bouquet.

Something Borrowed

  • Borrow some earrings from your mother or your grandmother. You might even be lucky enough to wear the pair she wore at her wedding
  • Have the wedding ceremony or reception at your parents' or a friend's home
  • To help with wedding day costs, borrow some money from your parents or your partner's parents.

Something Blue

  • If you can get some in season, why not place some blue wedding flowers in your bouquet
  • Wear sexy lingerie with touches of blue in the material for this part of the tradition
  • Place tiny blue items areound you throughout the day, such as blue sequins in your gown or blue wedding flowers
  • A piece of blue lace in your garter

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