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20 Ways to De-Stress

1. After a hard day, leave the TV off and put on some soft, sexy music. Have a glass of wine with your fiance.

2. Take off from wedding planning and go to the zoo or the beach. Act like kids and laugh yourself silly.

3. One big bowl of pasta, two forks. On a Friday night, put the bowl in the middle of the table and share, a la "Lady and the Tramp."

4. Call a girlfriend. This will help boost a sense of well being and reduce stress.

5. Work out with your guy. Join a gym together or go for weekend bike rides.

6. Hold hands with your man. A recent study showed that holding hands reduces stress levels-as long as the hands are his hands. Reach out!

7. Visualize the waves on your honeymoon beach. Imagine the sound and the warm water on your toes; focus on each breath. Do this for two minutes.

8. Frazzled over the seating chart? Have sex! It de-stresses by releasing a hormone with a soothing effect.

9. Go back to nature-viewing the outdoors can lower your heart rate and relax you. Don't bother with digital versions of nature-only the real thing works.

10. Speaking of nature, place a vase filled with flowers near your bed. It will help you start the day feeling calmer and kinder toward the world.

11. Overwhelmed with wedding tasks? Delegate to friends and family-and curl up with a juicy novel.

12. Carry a vial of essential oil of lavender in your purse-if you feel stressed, just sniff. The herb is known for its calming qualities.

13. Laughter really is the best medicine. Rent "The Hangover" or another funny flick for an at-home movie night with your beloved.

14. Vent! Take turns sounding off-then give each other bear hugs.

15. Ask your guy to massage your feet or give you a backrub. Return the favor.

16. Eat foods with tryptophan-think bananas, oats, soy, poultry, milk, cheese, nuts-because it helps your brain produce chemicals that calm you down.

17. Drink plenty of water-being even a bit dehydrated can affect your mood.

18. Limit alcohol; ditto, caffeine. Both can cause a case of the jitters.

19. Eat small meals throughout the day; this will help stabilize your blood sugar and keep you on an even keel.

20. Got anger? Stop, think and breathe. Count to 10. It will do your heart good-emotionally and physically.

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