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Making Your Wedding Veil

So, you are considering making your own veil? Good idea! You can
have a beautiful veil and it's not hard!

There are several ways to accomplish the project:

1... The easiest way is to purchase veiling which is already cut and
gathered, ready to attach to a headpiece. Try being creative and
design your own headpiece. There are lots of supplies available
from your local craft shop. If you are a seamstress, try your hand
at making the veil. However, considering the cost of patterns you
may find purchasing a "ready-to-attach" veil easier as well as
economically wise.

2... Consider talking about your headpiece with your florist. A
grouping of flowers on a comb or a floral wreath with
ready-to-attach veiling is great for an outside wedding. Discuss
price for an item like this with your florist well in advance. Some
florists are quite reasonable and others on the high side,
depending on the time of the year and the flower choices available.

3... Do some research to see if you can locate a headpiece worn by
your mother, grandmother or favorite aunt. This is a perfect
opportunity to add the sentimental touch to your wedding. These
headpieces will invariably have yellowed depending on the age and
will blend beautifully with an ivory gown. In most cases, the
antique veiling will have become brittle and can easily be replaced
with a ready-to-attach veil.

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