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Modern Twists on the 'Something Old, Something New' Traditions

The idea of incorporating "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue" into your wedding day is a tradition that's emerged in the late nineteenth century, and has concsitently picked up momentum ever since. Part of the appeal is that it can be incorporated into any religious ceremony, adds a bit of fun to the process of organising the day, and encourages increased inclusion between the bride, her bridesmaids, her mother and soon to be mother-in-law. So to give you some fresh ideas, we've compiled a list  to help you put a modern edge on this old tradition.

Something Old

  • Instead of a new wedding ring, you might want to purchase an antique ring or wear one that has been passed down through your family.
  • If you like the idea of antiques, but don't want to commit to a ring, consider wearring any piece of antique jewellery. Antiquing is becoming increasingly accessible due to websites like Etsy and Ebay, where items should often come with detailed photographs ad some form of quality guarantee.  
  • Have you considered bringing some instant old-world charm to your outfit by adding some gloves? Depending on the formality of your event and the look of your outfit, your gloves can range from not even grazing your wrist to reaching above the elbow. An unbelievably easy way to take your glam factor to the next level. 
  • Purchase some vintage buttons, rhinestones, feathers, beads, etc. and have them incorporated into your wedding gown design.
  • Tie some antique lace around your bouquet for an elegant touch that will set your flowers apart. A great idea is to use this for your briedesmaids as well giving some of it to both your mother and mother-in-law to be, to use as hankerchiefs. It's always nice to have an visual element that ties your nearest and dearest together. 
  • Alternatively, you could incorporate antique lace into your dress itself, or even have a veil made up.
  • Wear a vintage tiara! Tiaras were far more popularly donned in preceding decades, so there are plenty out there. The stones used range from precious, to semi- precious, to completely faux, so there is a tiara out there for every budget. In fact, this is a perfect item to use as an heirloom and start your own 'something old' tradition!

Something New

  • This one should be easy, as you'll have plenty of new things on the day. What better 'new' item than your wedding gown.
  • Spoil yourself and purchase some new and luxurious lingerie. This will not only be a gift for yourself, but also for your new husband.
  • Look beautiful and touch up your makeup during the day with brand new lipstick or eye shadow.
  • A new garter belt! Need we say more?
  • You don't have to spend money to have something 'new'. Pick some garden flowers and place them in your bouquet.
  • Are you considering changing your outfit for the reception? In addition to buying a new dress, you'll need accessories- both practical and to simply jazz up your look. Some of these new things you might want to include are different shoes, a little purse, and different hair accessories.

Something Borrowed

  • Borrow any accessories that are gauranteed to fit you- like earrings, necklaces, brooches or the veil- from your mother or your grandmother. You might even be lucky enough to wear the what she wore at her wedding
  • Have the wedding ceremony or reception at your parents' or a friend's home
  • Borrow a reading or part of a vow from a loved one. A great idea is to have these words printed on material and incorporated somewhere in your dress.
  • "Borrow" a part of an heirloom dress or piece of clothing. If you love the idea of wearing the same dress that's been in your family for years, but not the dress itself so much, use a fragment of the dress to incorporate into your own.
  • Include your dad. Try incorporating part of a hankerchief, shirt or tie into your dress or wrapping your bouquet with it. A cufflink, tie pin or button can similarly make a beautiful, understated hair accessory.
  • Borrow some timeless outwear. See if anyone in your family has a vintage stole, shawl, jacket, cape, hand muff or similar for you to wear on your wedding day. This doesnt need to necessarily worn according to the weather either. Shawls are a popular choice for any bride who needs to cover up during a religious ceremony or to simply add a bit of zing and sentimentality to their outfit. 

Something Blue

  • If you can get some in season, why not place some blue wedding flowers in your bouquet
  • Wear sexy lingerie with touches of blue in the material for this part of the tradition.
  • A blue piece of jewelley or hair accessory- minimal effort for maximal effect! 
  • Blue wedding shoes! A simultaneously traditional and avante-garde option.
  • Place tiny blue items areound you throughout the day, such as blue sequins in your gown or blue wedding flowers
  • A piece of blue lace in your garter.
  • Blue nailpolish! A cute, unique and slightly cheeky option for a modern bride.

So whether you want your something 'old, new, borrowed and blue' to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your outfit and event, or make a splash, you've got an endless aray of options. Take a photo of each of these elements to include in your album, and provide some inspiration for friends and family for years to come. 

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