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What your wedding car says about you

Let's just pause for a minute and imagine a world without cars. We'd have nothing to wash down lovingly on the weekend, nothing to shelter us from the rain at the exact same time as moving us closer to our destination, and - perhaps most importantly - we'd be without our own personal moving transportation.

You see, cars have become more than just cars for many people today. Some cars have been given names by their owners and are only able to get out of tricky situations when coaxed gently by their owner. ("Now, now, Cecilia, I know you can get up this hill!") Other cars have been decked out inside like a mini house. It is apparently normal for some people to care more about their cars than they do about people. But now we're getting off track. What we can understand so far is that cars are important - very important, so when it comes to choosing your style of wedding car, you want to be able to choose one that suits your personality as well. In case you're a little stuck over which car to choose for your wedding, we have composed a small guide that matches classic wedding cars with types of personalities. Unsure which category you fit into? Read on.


Sit back & Enjoy the extra leg room!

The most common of all wedding cars, the standard limo is a great option for brides who are traditional in their values but appreciate class. There's nothing risqué or edgy about the limo, therefore it usually suits a couple who like playing by the rules. It's also a great option if you simply just want to look classy in a bride-in-a-magazine kind of way.

Sports car

There are no excuses for being late in this ride, unless you decide to do another lap!

It's becoming more and more common for couples to choose a fast and furious sports car, such as a Lamborghini, as their wedding car. Sports cars are for the modern bride and groom. They are great for brides who want to mix things up a little, break tradition ever so slightly and most of all have a damn good time doing it.

Classic European Luxury car

WOWEE ! 'nuff said.

Step in the Rolls-Royce, the Bentley and the Jaguar. These cars command attention. They are proud cars with puffed up egos. Ride in a classic European and you'll attract envious stares as you pass people on the street. These cars are all about timelessness. They therefore work extremely well with brides who favour that unique vintage aesthetic and who are looking for that extra touch of classic luxury.

VW Kombi

Also known as the 'Hippie van' you are sure to arrive high on love!

Yes, it's true. The VW Combi is another wedding car contender. These mini vans are usually painted in a variety of fun colours, and the styling of them ensures that people who ride in them will likely be smiling. Perfect for the couple who just want to have fun, but appreciate looking nice and trendy in the process. Their unique retro feel also make them a great option for couples intent on carrying through the retro-ness.

Your mum's 1994 Volvo station wagon

Just remember; mums car, mums rules!

Ok, ok, before you get all shirty on us, let's just say you can't get much better in the daggy-chic department than an original, boxy Volvo station wagon. These cars have gone around the merry-go-round of the years and still exist, which, in a weird way, makes them pretty awesome. The good old vintage Volvo is perfect for brides who just don't care what others think, who is resourceful and practical, and who likes things a little 'home made.' A good way to save money, the family Volvo is a good option for brides who like the challenge of sprucing things up.

5 wedding car options - which is right for you? Only time will tell. Do your research and you'll come out victorious. Now go tend to your own car in the garage. All this wedding car talk might be making it jealous, and we all know cars need to be shown a bit of love.

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