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Where to Stay on Your Wedding Night

A Room for Two

If you're holding your reception in a hotel, you'll most likely be offered a bridal suite. This is traditionally where couples spend their first night as newlyweds. It's a popular choice because after a long day of taking photos, smiling, chatting with your guests and dancing, you won't have to travel far to find a bed. If you like the idea of staying on site, check with your reception venue that they offer a bridal suite and that the cost is included in your reception package. Never assume that you've been allocated the bridal suite just because your reception is in a hotel. In our experience, private hotels tend to offer bridal suites as standard at no extra charge, while large chains can charge for them and are only offered if asked. that has a bridal suite, that could be the obvious place to spend your first night. In fact, it could even be included in the price of your reception.

Of course, if you don't want to stay at your reception venue, or if you can't, you'll have to decide where to bed down for the night. Ideally, don't choose anywhere that requires loads of travel. The last thing you'll want is a long journey on the night of your wedding! And if you have family staying at the reception venue or nearby, you may want to see them in the morning before they had back home-especially if they've travelled in for your Big Day. When staying off site, you don't have to stay in a traditional "wedding-y' hotel. Stay in a place that makes sense for you and your Mr and Mrs.

Maybe the two of you are avid campers and the idea of roughing it beneath the stars, making love in a secluded forest is most appealing? Or perhaps you'd like to be pampered in a luxury boutique hotel or make yourselves comfy in a family-run B&B? Better yet, maybe your ideal first night is in your own home where the two of you can relax in familiar surroundings and reflect on the events of the day? No matter what  you choose, make sure it's what you prefer!

Packing for Your Wedding Night

If you're heading off on your honeymoon the day after your wedding, you'll of course need to pack your clothes, passport, toiletries and whatever essentials you'll need. If not, all you have to concentrate on is packing a luxurious overnight bag. Consider packing the following:

  • A bottle of your favourite champagne
  • An MP3 player loaded with a playlist of romantic music or you and your partner's favourite tunes
  • Sexy and seductive bridal lingerie
  • A new outfit to wear the next morning ‐‐ you'll want to feel special, especially if you're meeting family and friends for breakfast or lunch the next day
  • A small gift or token of your love for your spouse

Make Your First Night Extra Special

Traditionally, there has always been a lot of hype associated with the first night as Mr and Mrs, but we don't think this is necessary. In the past, the wedding night has been idealised because it was when the bride would lose her virginity to her groom. While there are still some people who practice abstinence and who will be virgins on their wedding night, this isn't the case for most. In fact, many of us cohabit with our spouse long before we get married

Even if you have been living together for years, and even if you have already lost your virginity by the time you get married, there are three simple ways to make your first night as newlyweds extra special:

  1. Break with Tradition 
    Who cares what wedding magazines and websites tell you you should  be doing? The only thing you have to do on your wedding night is to enjoy it by doing exactly what you want! Don't feel you have to succumb to the pressure of being intimate on your wedding night. Maybe you'll be too tired from the exhausting day's activities. Or too drunk; or maybe you just don't want to have sex. No big deal. Do what's right for you and your partner and no one else.
  2. Say I Love You 
    It may be surprising, but given the busyness of the day, you may not have had the chance to tell your spouse you love them. Take a few minutes on your wedding night to thank them for the amazing day and for being in your life and tell them you love them.
  3. Get a Good Rest 
    There will be time enough for a messy romp in the sheets whether you have sex on your wedding night or you wait. But one thing you definitely need to do is get a good rest! You'll have been running around like mad in the days leading to your wedding and possibly on the Big Day itself! You're likely to be overtired, exhausted and in need of a good lie in and a proper night's kip. Make sure you do this so that you wake up refreshed and ready to tackle married life with your life partner!

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